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FALCON EL 1996-1998

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Ford Sort by price Show Room   OEM: Genuine Ford   A : After Market  
Code Description Stock Body Style Type QTY Price
2448 HEATER TAP - 6CYL 6 cylinder only A RRP:  $42.61
2449 HEATER TAP - 8CYL 8 cylinder only A RRP:  $104.35
1490 WINDOW MOTOR & REG elect RHF A RRP:  $169.57
1491 WINDOW MOTOR & REG elect RHR A RRP:  $169.57
1488 SENSOR SWITCH in Header Tanks EA-AU × OEM RRP:  $108.70
1410 EA HEATER TAP (EA - AU) OEM RRP:  $95.65
1515 HEADER TANK (with sensor hole) × OEM RRP:  $198.15
1514 HEADER TANK (without sensor hole) × OEM RRP:  $141.95
2379 RADIATOR - 6CYL AUTO × A RRP:  $230.43
1559 WATER PUMP 4.0 - WITH PULLEY A RRP:  $143.48
1845 HEADLAMP INNER - XR only × OEM RRP:  $256.52
1564 HEADLAMP L/H - F/mont/Fairlane Ghia A RRP:  $230.43
1846 HEADLAMP OUTER - XR only OEM RRP:  $400.00
1566 INDICATOR L/H Falcon/FMont/FLane A RRP:  $56.52
1565 INDICATOR R/H Falcon/FMont/FLane A RRP:  $56.52

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